Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common complaint affecting mostly women, and can be ongoing. Symptoms include burning on urination, cloudy or odorous urine, frequent urination and in more severe cases blood in the urine. Urinary tract infections can be dangerous if the bacteria present in the urethra which cause the problem ascend into the kidneys, resulting in a kidney infection.

For many people, simply getting dehydrated can result in symptoms as the body is unable to flush the detrimental bacteria out with the urine. For this reason it is essential that sufferers drink plenty of water to prevent adequate bacterial adhesion to the urethra wall allowing the infection to occur.

Cranberry juice can relieve symptoms for some people; however, these juices can contain large amounts of sugar which can actually feed a bacterial infection. It is therefore more useful to take cranberry in capsule form, where higher doses can be achieved quickly without the sugar.

Cranberry does not work for everyone and in my practice I have found one of the most effective treatments and preventatives for mild to moderate UTIs being a simple but specific form of vitamin C powder. For acute onset, combining this with Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support and a good quality
probiotic can often relieve symptoms quickly and stop the infection before it progresses to anything more severe.

Don’t suffer UTIs in silence. Natural therapies have so much to offer to make this annoying and often recurrent condition a thing of the past. Book an appointment to see how you can put an end to your UTI worries.

Written by Sarah Durack
Published 27/11/2010

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