The Humble Lamb Roast 2012

The Humble Lamb Roast
Serving up a lamb roast and vegetables for the family I am in awe how unprocessed foods can culminate together to from a delicious meal, rich in flavour, aroma and health virtues.
Lamb is a good source of iron, zinc and amino acids such as tyrosine. Tyrosine becomes depleted during times of stress. Essential for good health, tyrosine helps make thyroid hormones and dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter intricately involved in mood, motivation, learning and concentration.  A 100grams of lamb contains 1200mg of tyrosine, a therapeutic dose.
The saturated fat in lamb can be offset by the addition of fresh garlic bulbs and rosemary sprigs from the garden.   Cooked garlic has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood lipids (fats) and protect our cardiovascular system. 
Garlic is high in selenium, a mineral essential for the production of glutathione peroxidase. An antioxidant made within the body, it is tremendously more powerful than any antioxidant that can be sourced from external sources. Glutathione peroxidase helps defend our cells, liver and cardiovascular system against damage. It mops up free radicals and protects against exposure to toxins and heavy metals.
Rosemary contains a plethora of health benefits. Rosemary stimulates circulation and the flow of bile, necessary for the digestion of fats.  A potent antioxidant it helps to protect against the formation of plaque and fat build-up in the arteries. Rosemary enhances the liver’s detoxification pathways to assist with toxin break-down and elimination. Plus its use for remembrance rings true. Constituents cross the blood brain barrier to stimulate the mind, memory and senses.
As Hippocrates, the father of medicine taught us, ‘Let foods be thy medicine and medicine be thy foods”
Natalie Elliott BHSc Adv Dip Nat, is in her ninth year of clinical practice as a consulting Naturopath and Western Herbalist. Experienced at treating a diverse range of health conditions and providing nutritional guidance, Natalie is based at Friendlies Chemist Subiaco and can be contacted on 9381 1468 or

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