Relief from Muscle Pain & Injury

Relief from Muscle Pain & Injury

Muscle pain can be a debilitating and exhausting experience for sufferers. Skeletal muscle can be easily stretched, bruised or torn which can lead to both acute and chronic pain. Along with physical therapies, there are certain nutrients the muscles require for recovery, whether it be a simple overuse injury or a more long standing or structurally derived pain.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for the muscles. A simple way to consider muscle contraction is that calcium makes our muscles contract whereas magnesium releases the contraction. Therefore,without adequate magnesium levels, our muscles are more likely to be tight, tense and susceptible to cramps. There are various types of magnesium on the market, however, to relieve muscle pain it is best to look for a good quality magnesium amino acid chelate.

Muscle tissue also requires protein for repair. On average it is best to consume approximately 0.8g protein per kg of body mass. Source your proteins from a variety of food groups ranging from red and white meats to vegetable sources such as nuts, beans and legumes.

Nature has also provided us with fantastic anti-inflammatory herbs and spices which are gentle on the stomach such as turmeric, ginger and boswellia. Omega 3’s found in fish oils are also excellent anti-inflammatories when used at high doses. The easiest way to obtain a high dose is by taking a liquid oil which eliminates the need for swallowing many capsules.

If you suffer from muscle pain, talk to our naturopaths about the most appropriate product for your needs.

Written by Sarah Durack
Published 20/02/2010

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